The bells have arrived safely from Ohio and are up in the bell tower. As of June 20, the bells are being installed and tested. When all is completed (though no date has yet been set), we will have an official blessing of the bells, probably after an 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass.




Bell Renovation Project St. Mary’s Cathedral


In 1885, McShane Foundry of Baltimore, Maryland, cast three bronze bells for the new St. Mary’s Cathedral on SW Third and Stark in Portland. These are the same bells that have rung over the years from the present cathedral. In accord with tradition, the bells are named: Immaculate Conception (54 inches in diameter); St. James (45 inches) an St. Francis (36 inches). They sound true and beautiful, a testament to the early foundry, but the system is in need of renovation. When the work is complete, the bells will swing again, by an electronic system, or, when we wish, by the bell pulls.



Partial List of Renovation Specifics:

  • New galvanized and painted steel yokes and headpieces
  • New cast iron clapper
  • New galvanized and painted mounting frames
  • A sonant striker on the largest bell for funeral tolls, the Angelus, and time striking
  • 3 ultra-quiet low maintenance mag-force motors
  • Automatic bell controller
  • Software


The bells were removed from the tower on Monday, August 31st and transported to the Chime Master headquarters. They are being cleaned and renovated as described in the list of specifics. At the same time, some needed work will be done in the tower. Sometime in March or April, 2016, the bells will be returned to the tower, from which they will sound for many more years into the future.



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