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1-21-2018 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 22, 2018



3rd Sunday in OT / B / 2018 / Amen Sunday

Msgr. Patrick S. Brennan

"I tell you, brothers and sisters, the time is running out!" These words from our second reading seem as good as any to introduce our "Amen Sunday." Today, we hope to bring our fundraising efforts to a new level of success.

And I say success—because we have come a long way in the past year, planning our new Cathedral Center, a seismic upgrade of the school (already completed), a new hall, a beautiful courtyard, meeting rooms, a parish commons, and so on.

But real success in our parish means community building—and I see signs of that every day, 1) with all the involvement in our planning, 2) the small groups that have been organized, 3) the participation of so many young adults, 4) our optimism for the future, and 5) the many new families in our school and parish community.

God calls us to discipleship—like Peter and Andrew, James and John—in the Gospel, and we have responded. In my six and half years as pastor, I am happy and proud to call St. Mary’s Cathedral my home and your home.

I want to thank everyone who has assisted us during this capital campaign—especially our campaign leaders and volunteers, who have helped us achieve 72% of our parish target from about 20% of our parish households.

Our work, of course, builds upon the generations before us, and we look ahead to the generations that will follow. In the meanwhile, we will enjoy renewed facilities and the rich community life they will engender.

This weekend, we hope to hear from 100% of our parish households—this will be the real success of the campaign and planning efforts, so that we can continue our renovation activity with the confidence we need to receive and repay the loan given to us by the archdiocese to bring our dreams to fruition.

This evening (morning) we are asking you to take an active part to benefit all of our parishioners and friends—with your pledge and contribution to our Cathedral Project.

(Now, I would like to walk you through the procedures for this Amen Sunday.)

Now, I would like to introduce our campaign chair, Marcus Parker, who will explain our procedures for Amen Sunday.



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