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Cathedral Soccer Parking

Welcome To Cathedral Soccer Parking

Thank you Timbers and Thorns fans for a great season of soccer(parking)!  Congratulations to the Thorns fans for a 3rd NWSL title.  We really appreciate your patronage and look forward to next season.  The money raised this season has gone to many worthwhile causes within the church and around the community, including a donation of over $2600 to the PTFC For Ukraine campaign.  It is nice to know your money is doing good things.

Check back with us in February for details about parking availability for the 2023 soccer season at Providence Park.

Parking Schedule

Current Thorns Parking Schedule – subject to change


General Information

St. Mary’s Cathedral and Knights of Columbus are happy to offer parking to Thorns and Timbers fans for the matches at Providence Park.  Our parking lots are located on NW Davis between 16th street and 18th street.  We offer parking in two lots including (see highlighted in yellow below):

Main Lot – up to 90 parking spaces with an entrance on Davis

School Lot –up to 30 parking spaces with an entrance on 17th street

Parking cost = $20, cash or check only.  Checks to be made out to Knights of Columbus.  There is an ATM 2 blocks away at the Marathon tavern for anyone needing cash.  You can park and then go get the cash.

In general, we begin parking for Timbers matches 3 hours before the start time.  We begin parking for Thorns matches 2 hours before the start time.  There must be a Knight of Columbus member at the lot for you to park; sometimes only one of the two lots will be offering parking at any given time. 

Only park in clearly designated complete spaces (marked by stripes) unless guided by one of our members to park in irregular or unmarked spaces. 

Unless otherwise posted, soccer fans may have their car parked until 6:30 A.M. the next day.

Parking Exceptions

There are some exceptions or limitations to our parking service depending on Mass schedules and special events.  Our Mass schedule that can affect parking for soccer games is:

Saturday – 5:30pm (concludes around 6:30pm)

Sunday – 9:00am (concludes about 10:00am) and 11:00am (concludes about Noon or shortly thereafter)

For Saturday evening matches we will cordon off about 30 spaces in the main lot for Mass goers and fill the rest with soccer fans.  The cordoned spaces can be filled by soccer fans after 6:30pm.

For Sunday afternoon matches starting between 12:00-3:00pm we will not begin parking until 11:15am for either Timbers or Thorns and the spaces will be limited based on the number of Mass goers.  The spaces taken by Mass goers who leave at the end of the service can be filled by soccer fans.

Occasionally we will have special events at Cathedral which will limit soccer parking availability.  These events will be noted in the schedule above.

Parking Proceeds

Parking proceeds provide donations for St Mary’s Cathedral and School and for the Knights of Columbus Cathedral Council budget, much of which goes to community charitable donations.

Parking Crew

Eight members of the Knights of Columbus Council provide parking management according to their individual schedules.